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Battery Industry

The SONACME Environmental chambers for battery tests are dedicated to the testing of lithium ion batteries. 

Our battery explosion-proof test chambers tests and evaluates the quality, durability and performance of batteries to ensure that they meet your strict requirements and strict industry standards.

We manufacture and supply various sizes of battery test chambers and battery test systems, from prefabricated versions to customized, process-integrated facilities that can provide highly reproducible and accurate test results. For example, use our Lithium ion test box, you can perform temperature test, humidity test, vibration test and temperature shock test.

Our battery test chambers and battery test system play a pivotal role in the development and production of computer equipment, smart phones and electric vehicles.

Battery Industry Test Standards

SONACME Technology's battery test chamber and battery test system can ensure that your products meet or exceed international standards and specifications. Our battery explosion-proof test chamber can measure the safety, performance and reliability of the battery according to the standards established by the International Electrotechnical Commission and other international manufacturing associations.

 UL 1642 - General safety testing of Li-Ion Batteries  
 IEC 61960 – Safety standards for secondary lithium ion batteries  
 SAE J2464 – General guidelines for rechargeable energy storage  
 UN/DOT 38.3 – Standards for shipping lithium batteries  
 IEC 62281 – Safety of primary cells during shipment  
 UL 2580 Batteries for use in Electric Vehicles  
 IEC 62660-2 Reliability and abuse testing of secondary cells  
 IEC 62133 – Testing of secondary cells.

Battery Test Chamber Solutions

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