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Altitude Training

SONACME offers the highest quality altitude training systems. As pioneer in simulated altitude training technology we offer the best solutions based on years of experience.

It can (and has been) used by all kinds of people to help adapt to high altitude areas, where the oxygen content in the air is also reduced. Exposure to low-oxygen air, also known as hypoxia, will be a huge challenge for the human body, thereby providing ideal training conditions. 

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts and other health-conscious people all over the world can enjoy the benefits of hypoxic training with the help of Sonacme. Now they can do this anytime, anywhere: even at sea level!

With this technology, high-altitude training facilities can be established anywhere. We achieve this goal by producing and using so-called atmospheric air, which is used to simulate altitudes up to 21,000 feet/6.400 meters. People no longer need to travel to high altitude areas for hypoxia training.

Methods of altitude Training:

To obtain these benefits, there are several hypoxic training methods one can choose from:

 Exercising at altitude  Sleeping in an altitude tent  Intermittent Hypoxic Training 

Altitude Training Equipment

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