Personal Information Authorization and Protection Statement

Dear user:
1. This service page and this agreement are provided by the actual operator of this page, namely the merchant subject displayed on this service page (hereinafter referred to as "our")
2. We will collect and process your personal information in accordance with the law. This agreement may involve important agreements on your personal information rights. Please read carefully before providing personal information. Once you submit relevant information on the page, it is deemed that you agree to all the contents of this agreement.
3. In order to further provide you with relevant information about goods or services, understand your needs and better realize the promotion purpose of this advertisement, you are required to submit relevant information according to the form on the page (hereinafter referred to as "customer information"). The submitted information may include your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and address information, which is subject to the display on the page. The purpose of using the above information is to contact you, To introduce you to the specific goods or services we provide, or provide you with customer service. You have the right to refuse to provide the above information, but may not be able to obtain further advertising services. If you provide the above information, you should ensure that all information is true, accurate, complete and effective.
4. You agree that we can entrust and arrange a third party to collect and/or process your personal information for the following purposes or reasons (these third parties mainly include our dealers, advertising service partners, customer service providers, data analysis service providers, etc.):
(1) Arrange sales personnel to contact you and provide you with more valuable information to achieve the purpose of advertising promotion;
(2) It is used for advertising business cooperation such as advertising, advertising effect optimization, advertising attribution, advertising monitoring, etc;
(3) For commercial analysis and insight;
(4) Verify the authenticity of information
(5) Purpose permitted by other laws and regulations.
We will require these third parties to protect your customer information in accordance with our security standards.
We will take effective measures to ensure the security of your personal information, and we will handle and be responsible for all problems arising from the collection and processing of your personal information by us and the third party entrusted by us.
6. If you are a minor under the age of 18, please read this agreement under the supervision and guidance of your parents or other guardians.
7.If you have any complaints, suggestions or inquiries, or any claims based on laws and regulations, such as inquiry, modification, deletion, revocation of authorization, please contact us through the contact information displayed on this page.