CO2 Scrubber
CO2 Scrubber
CO2 Scrubber

CO2 Scrubber

Application area

Sonacme Technology CO2 Scrubber (CO2 Purifier) is designed to absorb CO2 in the air to keep the CO2 level of the chamber at a low level.

Features of CO2 Scrubber

Touch screen: (color; 7 inches/10 inches; Chinese/English) optional.

It can be manually, time switch, or according to CO2 concentration switch.

Quickly absorb carbon dioxide (adsorption immediately after booting).

Large capacity suction (2000L/1000L/600L).

Renewable (unlimited number of times).

Fresh air heating and regeneration. (No pressure, no solvent, no high temperature).

Only absorb carbon dioxide, does not affect the environmental humidity.

CO2 Scrubber

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