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Automotive industry

The SONACME environmental chambers that are used in the automotive industry offer advanced technical solutions for simulating various climatic conditions for R&D applications and quality control on components and complete vehicles.

Our environmental simulator tests and evaluates the quality, durability and performance of complete vehicles, composite body manufacturing, electronic control components, power systems and engine components to verify whether they can meet your strict specifications and strict industry standards.

We manufacture and supply environmental test chambers of various sizes, from standard versions to customized versions, which can provide highly reproducible and accurate test results.

Automotive Industry Testing Standards:

SONACME Technology's automobile and vehicle test chambers can ensure that your products meet or exceed a series of international standards and regulations widely used in the automotive industry. Our testing room measures the safety, performance, and reliability of products in accordance with UCAR standards and standards established by other international manufacturing associations. We can also test, measure and evaluate products according to the strict requirements of customers.

 EPA   SFTP   FTP-75   UDDS   NYCC   ECE 15   EUDC   UCAR Standard 1703   ASTM   DIN   ISO   ATEX   PREN 

Automotive Test Chamber Solutions

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