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Electronics Industry

Environmental test chambers of electronic is done to reduce the risk of product failure in the field and to speed up time to market. Tests are fundamental for ensuring that products have a long service life, maintaining their initial performance.

SONACME Technology designs, develops and provides high-quality elecronic componen test boxes to ensure tht all electronic components can operate under themost extreme conditions.

Our environmental simulation test chamber tests and evaluates the quality, durability and peformance of elecronic products ,chips,swithes,sensors,bateries andother electronic components to ensure that they meet your strict specifications and strict industry standards.

We manufacture and suply variou szes of fest systems ,from standard versions to customized versions, which can provide highl reproducble and accurate est results,

Electronics Industry Test Standards

The key to the elecronics industy is qualif assurance.Our extensive product range allows our customers to provide solutions fr al heirtestappications.We provide pre-designed and customized elecronic componentest chambers and many patented chamber and aifiow designs to meetall elecronic industytest standards.

Electronics Test Chamber Solutions

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