Walk-in Battery Test Chamber
Walk-in Battery Test Chamber
Walk-in Battery Test Chamber

Battery Pack Temperature Testing

Application Area

SONACME walk-in battery test chamber is very suitable for testing large electric vehicle battery packs. We understand that energy storage systems must be as safe as possible. External loads caused by high or low temperatures, rapid temperature changes, humidity, mechanical loads, or the effects of corrosion must be safe and will not cause malfunctions or unexpected reactions.

SONACME walk-in battery test chamber is designed to meet various test standards to achieve safe and reliable testing. To ensure this safety in your laboratory during testing of lithium batteries in a temperature or humidity test chamber, we provide safety features that have been adjusted to specific EUCAR hazard levels.

Testing Standards

Through Sonacme Technology's walk in battery test chamber test, the ability of the battery to withstand extreme environments and pressure can be safely identified. The standards issued by UL, IEC, SAE, and UN specify environmental tests such as: thermal short circuit, heat resistance, temperature cycling, and thermal abuse. Since these test failures can produce dangerous results, the test chamber will require appropriate safety features and precautions.Commonly used test standards for lithium-ion battery cells or modules.

UL 1642、UL 2054 、IEC 62133、IEC 62660-2、SAE J2464 、UN/DOT 38.3.

Walk-in Battery Test Chamber
Walk-in Battery Test Chamber

Available Safety Features

SONACME battery test chamber are designed with safety in mind. Our Engineering team will review test requirements with the customer and incorporate applicable test chamber safety features for the specific battery test application. Below is a partial list of safety features that may be incorporated into SONACME battery test chambers.

  • Pressure Relief Vent, Fresh Air Blower or N2/Dry Air Purge, Product Temperature Monitoring

  • Temperature Limited Sheathed Heaters, Electronic Door Lock, Optical Alarm

  • External Mounted Light, Product Limit with Alarm, Intrinsically Safe Barriers

  • GN2 Purge, Non-sparking Fan Blades, Fire Detection and Suppression, Gas Monitors

Walk-in Battery Test Chamber

Refrigeration System

Compressors equipped with world famous brand such as Tecumseh (France made), Bitzer or GEA BOCK (Germany made).

Shock absorption and noise reduction process,slow down the vibration, protect the compressor.

The new pipe bending technology: The bending process can minimize the connector point and make refrigerant flow more efficiently.

It applies Denmark DANFOSS and Japanese SAGLNOMIYA solenoid valves to improve the overall reliability of the equipment.

MP10 module has motor over-heating protection (with LED indicator), exhaust temperature over-heating protection (requires optional temperature monitoring probe and LED indicator), power indicator, alarm function.

Walk-in Battery Test Chamber

Electrical System

The overall layout of the circuit cabinet looks very neat and professional. Our circuits are arranged in accordance with UK standards and are equipped with complete circuit diagrams. Each line has a unique code which is clearly defined and easy to locate for troubleshooting.

We use electrical components of world famous brands, such as Schneider from France, Carlo Gavazzi from Switzerland,Mitsubishi from Japan,Rainbow from Korea.

Walk-in Battery Test Chamber

We Apply The Controller Developed By SONACME


ModelSWT/08/70/EP ST/180/70/EPSWT/18/70/EPSWT/24/70/EP
Volume 8m³12m³18m³24m³
Internal dimensions  W×H×Dmm2000*2000*20002000*2000*30003000*2000*30003000*2000*4000
External dimension  W×H×Dmm4000*2350*26504000*2350*36505000*2350*36505000*2350*4850
Temperature range -70~+100℃ (+150℃/+180℃)  
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temperature deviation1.5°C
Temperature change rateHeating rate:3.0°C/min     Cooling rate:2.0°C/min
Standard configurationExplosion-proof chain, Status indicator, Safety door lock, Independent over-temperature protector, Emergency stop, Refrigeration systems pressure gauge , Customised controller,Cable port x 2, Ethernet interface
Security optionsSample surface temperature probe, Explosion-proof pressure relief port, Water sprinkler, CO2 fire extinguishing device, Electronic combination lock, Explosion-proof mesh for observation window, Gas monitoring system (H2/CO) GN2 purge, Fireproof coating, Video monitoring

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