Vibration Test Systems
Vibration Test Systems
Vibration Test Systems

Vibration Test System-Simulate Real Vibration Effects

Application area

SONACME Technology's vibration test system provides a test platform for transportation simulation, mechanical shock, mission profile, environmental stress screening (ESS), etc. The electric vibration table has dynamic and enhanced performance in terms of displacement, speed, acceleration and force, which can accurately simulate various conditions and help improve the quality and reliability of products and tests.

SONACME Technology's vibration test system has a variety of applications, making it a multi-functional and adaptable equipment. The vibration table can be tested in a vertical or horizontal direction; using fixed devices, slidable or head expanders; and used in conjunction with SONACME Technology AGREE test chambers.

Testing Standards

There are many different models and configurations to choose from, which is a reliable and indispensable supplement for your laboratory. 

The vibration system, power amplifier and vibration measurement and control system constitute a complete vibration test system, in accordance with relevant national and international standards (such as: MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, BS, etc.) provide technical support for users to establish product quality inspections.

Vibration Test Systems
Vibration Test Systems

Performance Characteristics

Random and sinusoidal excitation force 1:1 (0.8).

Twice the sine impact force (three times optional).

Peak-to-peak displacement 51mm, 76mm or 100mm.

The moving coil is light and the work surface is large.

The air spring on the trunnion has good shock isolation effect.

The air spring in the center room has strong bearing capacity and good low frequency performance.

Equipped with an automatic centering system, which controls the moving coil to always be in a balanced position during movement.

Dual magnetic circuit design, low magnetic leakage and uniform magnetic field.

Equipped with electric power steering device when switching between horizontal and vertical.

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