Rain Test Chamber IPX 12
Rain Test Chamber IPX 12
Rain Test Chamber IPX 12

Waterproof Test

Application area

SONACME rain test chambers IPX12 is used to test the waterproof performance of the product shell by simulating the natural dripping environment. Suitable for electronic components, outdoor lamps, auto parts and other industries, according to the different specifications of the product to choose the appropriate drip board size, and the model of the drip tester.

Rain Test Chamber is designed according with the standards of IEC 60529-2001.

Rain Test Chamber IPX 12

We Apply The Controller Developed By SONACME


Inner chamber material D×W×H (mm)
Outer chamber material D×W×H (mm)1200*1450*1850
Drip mold height200~800mm(adjustable)
Drip hole diameter φ0.4mm
Testing bench size500×400(mm)
Testing bench angle The horizontal center faces from both sides to 45°
Safety protectionLeakage, short circuit, motor overheating 
Power supplyAC380V  TN-S

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