Large Xenon Test Chamber
Large Xenon Test Chamber
Large Xenon Test Chamber

Xenon arc Weathering Testing

Application area

Large Xenon Test Chamber is a multi-functional large xenon lamp aging test chamber, using 6.5KW high-power precision water-cooled xenon lamp, and the exposure area reaches 6500cm2.

The operator can arbitrarily set various parameters (irradiation energy, irradiation time, blackboard temperature, etc.) required for the test through the man-machine interface, and can check the operating status of the machine at any time. The operating parameters during the test can be directly passed through the USB interface download to computer.

Main Performance Characteristics

Meet the requirements of all xenon lamp test standards at home and abroad.

The original imported American Atlas xenon lamp tube and filter components are used to ensure the comparability and reproducibility of the test data.

The automatic rotating three-layer drum-shaped sample rack ensures that all exposed samples get consistent test conditions.

The exposure area reaches 6500cm2, and it can expose samples of various shapes and sizes.

You can set the total test time or the total irradiated energy to end the test.

Large Xenon Test Chamber
Large Xenon Test Chamber

Main Technical Parameters

Xenon lamp: 6.5 KW water-cooled long arc xenon lamp.

Filter: ATLAS original filter; can fully simulate indoor or outdoor solar spectrum.

Exposure area: 6500 cm² (63~65 standard samples of 150mm×70mm can be exposed at one time).

Xenon lamp spectral wavelength: optional 300-800nm (simulating sunlight, all wavelengths below 300nm are filtered) or 280-800nm (enhanced ultraviolet band, short-wave ultraviolet rays are reserved).

Adjustable range of irradiance: 30W/m2~150W/m2 (full spectrum 300-400nm) or 0.3W/m2~1.5W/m2 @340nm or 0.5W/m2~2.7 W/m2 @420nm.

Lamp life: 2000 hours.

Large Xenon Test Chamber

We Apply The Controller Developed By SONACME


Light SourceOne 6.5 KW water-cooled long arc xenon lamp
Lamp Rated LifeNormal Service Life 2000 hours
Effective Exposure Area
6500 cm2 (63~65 pieces of standard samples of 150mm×70mm can be exposed to the sun at a time)
Irradiance Monitoring Point340nm、420nm、300nm~400nm、300nm~800nm
Humidity RangeLight: 10%-75% No light: 10%-95%
External Dimensions1220mm×1200mm×2050mm(length x width x height)
Mains PowerAC380V±10%, three-phase four-wire 50Hz; maximum current 50A, maximum power 9.5KW

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