Xenon Lamp Weathering test chamber
Xenon Lamp Weathering test chamber
Xenon Lamp Weathering test chamber

Xenon arc Weathering Testing

Application area

The rotating rack xenon arc chamber is a full featured weathering and lightfastness chamber at a breakthrough price.cost-effective, easy to use and easy to maintain xenon lamp aging test chamber. It uses an air-cooled xenon lamp imported from the United States, which can be more realistic and optimal. The full-spectrum distribution of outdoor sunlight is simulated to ensure that the laboratory test results have a very good correlation with the actual outdoor application of the material. In addition, the special drum-shaped design of the sample rack can ensure that all samples can be irradiated uniformly during the test.

The Xenon Lamp Weathering test chambermeets the requirements of various domestic and foreign xenon lamp testing standards and in various industries. It can accommodate 22 standard samples, not only has the spray function, but also can control the relative humidity in the working room. 

Main Performance Characteristics

The sample rack adopts a drum structure and automatically rotates to ensure that all samples receive the same irradiation energy during the entire test process.

The original American imported xenon light source and original filter are used to ensure the comparability and reproducibility of the test data. Irradiation energy is fully automatic control (using a full-closed loop irradiance control system), which can automatically compensate for changes in irradiation energy caused by lamp aging and any other reasons, with a wide controllable range.

The xenon lamp adopts air-cooled tube, which is low in price and has a service life of up to 1500 hours. Its various indicators conform to various international standards.

Three kinds of filters are available to meet different test needs.

Xenon Lamp Weathering test chamber
Xenon Lamp Weathering test chamber

Main Technical Parameters

Light source: a 1.8KW air-cooled xenon lamp imported from the United States (normal service life is about 1500 hours);

Filter: Daylight filter (window glass filter or UV extended filter can also be used);

Effective exposure area: 2200cm2 (11 sample racks, 22 150×70mm samples can be placed);

Irradiance monitoring method: 340nm or 420nm or 300nm~400nm (simultaneous display);

Irradiance setting range: 0~90W/m2 (300nm~400nm) or 0.3 W/m2~0.75 W/m2 (@ 340nm) or 0.5 W/m2~1.35 W/m2 (@ 420nm);

Blackboard temperature setting range: room temperature +30℃~90℃ (depending on the external environment and the set irradiance slightly different);

The relative humidity control range of the studio: 20%~75% (when irradiated); 50%~95% (when spraying or dark cycle.

Xenon Lamp Weathering test chamber

We Apply The Controller Developed By SONACME


Light Source
A 1.8KW air-cooled xenon lamp imported from the United States
Lamp Rated LifeThe normal service life is about 1500 hours
FilterDaylight filter (window glass filter or UV extension filter also available)
Effective Exposure Area2200cm2 (11 sample racks, can hold 22 samples of 150×70mm)
Irradiance Monitoring Method340nm or 420nm or 300nm~400nm(show at the same time)
Irradiance Setting Range0~90W/m2(300nm~400nm)or 0.3 W/m2~0.75 W/m2(@ 340nm)or 0.5 W/m2~1.35 W/m2(@ 420nm)
External Dimensions860mm×800mm×1770mm(Length x Width x Height)
Power SupplyThree-phase AC 380V, 50HZ; maximum current 16 A

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