Small Xenon Arc Test Chamber
Small Xenon Arc Test Chamber
Small Xenon Arc Test Chamber

Xenon arc Weathering Testing

Application area

Compared with the bench-top xenon lamp aging test chamber, the small xenon lamp aging test chamber adds a spray function to simulate the influence of rain or other moisture when the material is actually used outdoors. At the same time, it can also pass Monitor the total radiant energy value obtained by the sample during the test to control the interruption of the test.

The operator can arbitrarily set various parameters (irradiation energy, irradiation time, blackboard temperature, spray time, etc.) required for the test through the man-machine interface, and can check the operating status of the machine at any time. The operating parameters during the test can be Download directly to the computer via the USB interface.

Main Performance Characteristics

A variety of test programs can be set arbitrarily (test programs can be compiled arbitrarily and 6 user preset programs can be stored, and each program can be set with 10 segments of data);

The total radiant energy value that the sample board needs to obtain during the test can be set to end the test;

With spray function, spray time and spray interval can be set;

The xenon light source conforming to the international standard simulates the full-spectrum sunlight more realistically and best, and the stable light source ensures the comparability and reproducibility of the test data;

Xenon lamp has a service life of up to 1500 hours and is low in price, and the replacement cost is only one-fifth of the imported one.

Small Xenon Arc Test Chamber
Small Xenon Arc Test Chamber

Main Technical Parameters

Light source: 1.8KW imported air-cooled xenon lamp or 1.8KW domestic xenon lamp (normal service life is about 1500 hours);

Filter: UV extended filter (daylight filter or window glass filter can also be used);

Effective exposure area: 1000cm² (9 samples of 150×70mm can be put in one time);

Irradiance monitoring method: 340nm, 420nm and 300nm~400nm (simultaneous display);

Irradiance setting range: 30W/m²~100W/m² (300nm~400nm) or 0.3 W/m²~0.8 W/m² (@ 340nm) or 0.5 W/m²~1.5 W/m² (@ 420nm);

Blackboard temperature setting range: room temperature +15℃~90℃.

Small Xenon Arc Test Chamber

We Apply The Controller Developed By SONACME


Light Source1.8kW original imported air-cooled xenon lamp or 1.8KW domestic xenon lamp
FilterUV extension filter (also available as daylight filter or window glass filter)
Effective Exposure Area1000cm²(9 samples of 150mm×70mm can be put in at one time)
Lamp Rated Life1500h
Irradiance Setting Range30W/m²~100W/m²(300nm~400nm)or 0.3 W/m²~0.8 W/m²(@ 340nm)or 0.5 W/m²~1.5 W/m²(@ 420nm)
Irradiance Monitoring Method340nm or 420nm or 300nm~400nm(Choose one before ordering)
External Dimensions1000mm×650mm×1020 mm(length x width x height)

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